miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

Journal page "Bee free"

Hello everyone !!

This is my last journal page, this time I'm trying to draw x3 I still have to perfect my drawing skills  I I only draw when I'm in a good mood, well,  I made this using lindys sprays like watercolors I used Cockbells coral and Cotton Candy Pink for making the shadows of my girl and Time travel teal to paint the wings. 

 See you soon!

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Canvas "Create Art" for DT 2Craftychipboard

Hola Crafty friends!!

Yo aquí de nuevo esta vez con un reverse canvas, en un estilo que recién estoy explorando el steampunk creo que necesito comprarme mas pinturas que vayan mejor con este estilo hhh quizá el próximo mes cuando me recupere de mi ultima compra lol e usado muchos chipboards de 2crafty que combinaban perfecto para la decoración de mi pequeño mr tuercas y los colores inspirado en el reto de este de MMW

Here I am again with a reverse canvas with a style that Iv'e been recently exploring. It's called steampunk. I think I've got to buy myself more paints that go better with this style. Maybe next month when I recuperate the money I spent on my last buy. I've used a lot of 2crafty chipboards that combined perfectly for the decoration of my little "Mr. Tuercas." The  colors of my project are inspired by the MMW challenge.

some close ups

For the base of the background I used the Checkerd board clumps and Squeare collage panel. They mix awesomely for what I wanted to acheive.

Then I started to create my little Frankestain and I decorated him with one of the Square collage panels and Angel wings. This is so pretty and both of them were painted with black gesso and I gave                                                             it a little touch of silver.

I decorated the corners with a mix of Steampunk gears small,Steampunk gears medium and Assorted arrows.

And finally with Everyday font L/C I created the words and I gave it some texture with mini art stones.

I participate in the  MIXED MEDIA WORLD may challenges.
This is the beautiful moodboard

Yo use las sombras en azul y turquesa

I used blue and turqoise shades of color.

2crafty chipboards used 

Steampunk gears small
Steampunk gears medium
Checkerboard clumps
Angel wings
Assorted arrows
Squeare collage panel 

Everyday Font L/C

"Love my Mum" DT Layout for 2 Crafty chipboard

Hellos dears friends

Estamos en el mes de mayo y en muchos países se celebra en día de las madres  obviamente este día no debería ser solo un día al año sino todos los días del año, celebrar que tenemos a nuestra mamá a nuestro lado  apreciarlas porque ellas no son eternas, por eso quiero dedicar especialmente este trabajo a mi mamá admiro su fortaleza para haber tenido 5 hijos y sacar adelante a cada uno de nosotros darnos todo lo que ella no pudo tener ,desde que tengo memoria siempre la vi trabajando día y noche  aveces le reclamaba que no este mas tiempo  con nosotros que nunca vaya  a mis actuaciones de la escuela pero cuando uno es niño no entiende las responsabilidades que tienen los adultos,me hubiera gustado poner una foto de ella pero no le gusta tomarse fotos y las pocas que tiene pues no le gusta como sale y si pongo una foto que a ella no le gusta me mata lol
Yo use algunas flores de cartulina para decorar mi layout .

We are in the month of May and in a lot of countries they're celebrating Mother's Day. Obviously this day shouldn't just be one day, but we should celebrate our mothers in every day of the year. We should celebrate the fact that we have our mothers and appreciate them because unfortunately they aren't going to live forever. For this reason I decided to dedicate particularly this piece of work to my MOTHER who I admire because of the strength she had to raise 5 children and to help every single one of us. She gave to every single one of us what she wasn't able to have. Since I can remember I always saw her working day and night. Sometimes I got upset and I would say that she didn't spend enough time with us and that she didn't go to my performances at school. But when you are a child you don't understand and realize the responsabilities that adults have. I would have liked to put her photo in the project but she doesn't like to be in photos. I used paper FLOWERS to decorate my layout.

Some close ups 

"Funky heart Swirls "and "Circle heart frames" chipboards. They are absoloutely
gorgeous I love the way they combine perfectly for the topic of my page.I covered them
 both with a layer of gesso so that it would stand out over the background color.

For the decoration I added "Addy's Butterflies" which I covered
with black gesso and I stuck a half of a pearl on it.

And finally I added the words that fit perfectly for the layout "Love my Mum" title
which I also painted with black gesso & I used a silver glitter on half of it.

This Layout is my entry for the following challenges

For my layout I used Shades od sofiero-White sand from "Monochromes" Maja Design paper collection 

 2Crafty chipboard used 

"Love my Mum"tittle
Circle Heart Frames
Addy's Butterflies
Funky Heart Swirls


A little tag

hola hola!!

Este es un pequeño tag que hice el mes pasado y olvide postearlo aquí 
use muchas texturas y todo lo pinte con gesso negro luego un poco de pintura fucsia y un poco de  gesso para resaltar el fondo :) 

Flores de cartulina y algunos art stones con brillos para decorar
eso seria todo 

Gracias por pasar por mi blog
hasta la próxima