lunes, 19 de febrero de 2018

Итоговый пост СП Magic School /All my projects for Semi final

Hello everyone !!

El proyecto conjunto  Magic school  tristemente ha llegado a su fin  :( 

The Join Project "Magic School" sadly reached its end :(
let me show you all my projects

Ha sido un aventura participar en este proyecto conjunto con tantas chicas supertalentosas al otro lado del mundo, me ha servido para abrir mi creatividad y de alguna forma exigirme más, agradezco infinitamente a Yulia por traer de nuevo este maravilloso proyecto  a las diseñadoras invitadas por toda la inspiración <3 a 7 dots studios por estos maravillosos papeles que hacen fluir la  magia 

It was a magic adventure participate in this Join project  Thank u so much to all for your  comments to Yulia for make video tutorials to teach us her tecniques and encourage us to create with the heart <3 to Guest designers for inspired us , to new creative friends( the best part ) the lenguage separate us but the art unites us 
Thank u all <3 !!

1 ra Etapa / 1st Stage

I created these tags inspired by two spells "Alohomora" and "Lumus Maxima" represented by metal key and focus with wings used as a base papers from Hazy days. You can see more picture HERE

2da Etapa / 2nd stage

For this stage I made a layout  dark background with one of the most magicals fantastic pure creatures "The Unicorn", and pieces of papers from hazy days.
You can see more pictures HERE

3ra Etapa/ 3rd stage

For this stage I try to represent The nature(Pachamama in Inka Culture)Trapped in a metal world but she manages to free herfeslf  I used as base of the center Hazy days paper .You can see more pictures and info HERE

well this is all Thank u so much 


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