miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

Shaker card "Christmas Time"

Buen día a todas !!

Les quiero compartir este shaker card que hice para los talleres que daré en mi ciudad, la primera vez que hago un shaker card espero les guste.

Hi everyone!!

I want to share with you all a shaker card that I made for some workshop classes that I'm going to give in my city. This is the first time for me making a shaker card, I hope ya'll like it.

Esta sera mi primera participación en el Blog de Scrap Africa y Mixed Media Warriors este mes la inspiración es este  Mood board Navideño yo escogí los rojos y blancos (que tbm son los colores de la bandera de Perú hoho e.e)

This is the first time I'm participating in the Scrap Africa Blog Challenge and Mixed Media Warriors. This month everyone has to use the Christmas Mood Board below. I chose the red and white colors, which also happen to be the colors of the Peruvian flag.

el shaker la parte que mas me gusta, esos microbeads se ven muy lindos 

The part that I like the most is the shaker because I think the microbeads look nice.

y también mis flores handmade que siempre uso en todos mis proyectos 

and also I'm using my handmade flowers, which I use in all my projects

Muchas gracias por la visita y espero que todas pasen buenas fiestas siempre yo no celebro porque soy musulmana pero igual saludo a mis amigas que si celebran estas fiestas :)

Thanks to everyone for visiting and I hope that all of you have a good holiday, now  and always, even though I don't celebrate it because I'm Muslim, but happy holidays anyways to all my friends who celebrate this time of year, much love


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  1. Very pretty! I haven't made a shaker card yet but I'll want to try one soon, I think, as I'm seeing very nice ones here and there. Also I'm excited since I think this is the first time I visit a blog of a crafter from Peru! I don't think I've met any previously (I'm from Finland myself). Thank you for joining us at Scrap Africa, I hope to see you join again!

    1. awww happy that u like it salla.u should try one, it's very nice to make, hehe yes I think at the moment I'm the only Peruvian crafter that has a blog and participates in challenges. Nice to meet u, for sure I will participate again

  2. Ahhh so pretty. I love the roses. Did you make them??? I love the colours and the nice snowflake.

  3. una tarjeta preciosa!! me encantan los tonos! es tan delicada...<3
    gracias por participar en Scrap Africa!!!

  4. Pero que preciosidad de tarjeta!!, me encanta los detalles, la composición...es fabulosa!!!
    Muchas gracias por jugar con nosotros en Scrap África y suerte!! :)

  5. WOW!!!!! Brilliant! !!!! I love what you have done here!

  6. Thank you so much for playing with us at Scrap Africa!

  7. Hello Claudia, such a beautiful shakercard...love the modeling paste and stiching in the background !!..Thank you so much for joining us at Scrap Africa

  8. Very beautiful card!Thanks for joining us at MMW! :)

  9. beautiful card, thank you for taking part in Scrap Africa

  10. Beautiful card...the perfect Christmas colours! ;-) Wishing you a fabulous 2017 and thanking you for your support and entry at Scrap Africa! ;-)

  11. So pretty and nice card! Thanks from Fleur Design!